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The extensions fall off quickly.

Certain activities can cause your extensions to fall off. Have you rubbed your eyes? Have you swum in the pool? Have you gone to facial? Although these activities will not remove all the extensions it can cause premature shedding. We provide an after-service care instruction to help you keep your eyelash extension for a longer period.

My lashes are crooked!

If you just had your extensions four days to a week, please re-visit the Salon for a complimentary Quick Fix.

My eyes are itchy!

Depends on what stage you’re in; first week, if this feeling persists, bring your extensions back. ILash quality of service should feel comfortable, as if you are born with it. 3 rd week stage means your extensions needs a retouch.

My eyes are red!

Redness caused by glue should happen immediately after the procedure. If the redness occurs days or weeks after the procedure, this may be caused by improper hygiene or extensions piercing the eye. Please come to the salon and we will check them.

Is it harmful to the eyes? Will I go blind?

All chemicals we use are the approved and used by Doctors all over the world. Our adhesive and extensions are specially formulated to prevent any damage to your eyes.

How much is retouch?

Retouch is assessed per client considering the many factors affecting the life of your extensions. Price is based from the number of days , number of lashes left, condition of lashes and budget

How long do they last?

The life of your extensions is different for every person and depends primarily on how you take care of them, lifestyle, and natural shedding of your real lashes. They are at its best 2-3 weeks after and a regular retouch on the 2-3rd week is recommended for maintenance.

How long is the procedure ?

Fine extensions takes 45 minutes, Natural 1:15H, Mascara 1:30 to 2 Hrs, Full – 2:30 H.

My extensions are itchy, Why?

In the course of your extensions, they will sometimes feel itchy when your real lashes are about to shed off, which means that the base of the lashes with the extensions are swaying therefore, touching the skin.

I can see gaping holes in between my lashes!

Gaps or baldness in the eyelashes are caused by pulling the extensions. This is strongly discouraged since the real lashes will be pulled with it, and if its pulled prematurely when the replacement real lash is not ready to grow yet, then a bald spot occurs . We value the real lash as much as the client because without the real lash we have no place to glue the extensions.

Would my real lashes fall off?

Real lashes have a natural life cycle of two months. If the lash where the extension is glued sheds off naturally, it means that a new eyelash will replace the old, so don’t be afraid when you see your real lash falling with the extension.

Can I swim with them?

What better way to flaunt our lashes but on the beach sans make-up, iLash Extensions are waterproof, the problem lies on its exposure to strong wind and water. Gadgets like shades,goggles and following the tips written on our Aftercare leaflet will help take care of them.