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I-Lash Extensions Salon provides the exciting, state-of-the-art technology in eyelash aesthetics. With this technology, eyelashes are made to be thicker, longer, more attractive, and more natural-looking than other eyelashes with extensions. The extension lashes we use are very close to Natural eyeLashes in terms of color, thickness, texture, curve, softness.

Effects when done by iLash Salon:

• Sexy Looking Eyes.

• Confident when making eye contact because the finish look is very natural and clean.

• Falls off one by one with the normal cycle of shedding off of eyelashes- not clumps of real lashes with bulky extensions done by unprofessional salons.

• Boost ones ego.

• Big makeover.

• Younger looking.

• Your eyes take center stage and not your problem areas in the face when you have extensions.

• No need for make up.

• Look pretty as soon as you wake up in the morning.

• Look like a Celebrity 24/7 even when you are at home.

• You can choose different looks with Flare (60′s look), Classic, Open eyed for just 1000 pesos.


• To make eyelash extensions a part of women’s everyday beauty regimen.

• To meet the ever-changing needs of customers, iLash shall take the lead in constantly innovating its products and services.

• To become an employer of choice, iLash shall develop its employees into professionals who are highly motivated to excel in their respective fields of service.

• To generate sustainable growth and optimal returns, iLash shall exercise prudence in resource management based on its vision and principles of good corporate governance.

• Frugality


We envision iLash Extensions Salon to be the market leader that constantly innovates to provide best-value services to its millions of customers.

We see iLash Extensions Salon as the brand to trust in eyelash extensions.

We see iLash Extensions Salon to be accessible in every Mall that matters nationwide.

Core Values

• Customer Focus

• Excellence

• Leadership

• Respect for the Individual

• Teamwork