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Fine Lashes Fine Lashes

Perfect for first timers

For first timers, We recommend the very Fine lashes. The process takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Continue reading

Natural Lashes Natural Lashes

Enhace your natural lashes

Enhace your natural lashes creating that beautiful wide-eye look. It looks and feels so natural. Continue reading

Mascara Effect lashes Mascara Effect lashes

sophisticated outline to your eyes

Enhance your natural lashes and give a sophisticated outline to your eyes with the Mascara effect lashes. Continue reading

Full Lashes Full Lashes

For Seductive and Sensational stare

To create a seductive and sensational stare, Full extensions brings your eyes into centerstage. Continue reading

Colored Lashes Colored Lashes

Flaunt a mysterious stare

Flaunt a mysterious stare, Colored extensions. The process takes an hour or two. Continue reading

Our Growing Customers
Ayie Bundalian

HMO at Sta. Rosa

ayieI loved my lushes:’) Continue reading

Paola Paladio


paolaA lot of cdo girls look prettier now because of the awesome lashes Continue reading

Samuelle Waiforit Uayan

Works at Philam

samThank you soooo much I-lash Extensions Salon CDO for my new and beautiful lashes.. :)) Continue reading

Own a Franchise
Own a Franchise! Own a Franchise!

Interested in Franchising

I-lash Salon will provide full support to a single franchisee for a period of two months… read more Continue reading

Get our Ilash Bundle
Ilash Bundle Promo Ilash Bundle Promo

Special Offer

Get our Ilash Bundle Promo. You can get a new service plus four retouch, valid for 2 months… read more Continue reading

Refer and get discounts
Ilash Referral Promo Ilash Referral Promo

20% off for every client

Get 20% off (cumulative) for every client you refer! not only that the referred client also gets 20% off… read more Continue reading